Here to get you
in the flow.

We believe that all good things have a certain level of lightness! Once they are there, they seem to be natural, as if they had always existed. We call this state of mind flow and have centered our thinking and doing around that. The result: good services, good creative solutions, good execution – or as we call it:
Workflow. Storyflow. Cashflow.

Andres Osselmann

Managing Partner
Concept Text

Andres is copywriter, consultant and strategist. He loves to solve clients’ problems by finding ways off the beaten track. He once read a great book from Dave Trott, The Power of Ignorance: “If you don’t admit you don’t know what’s happening, you can never find out. And if you don’t find out, you can never change it.” Be aware, he knows that he doesn’t know.

Want to know more, please contact him at:

Oliver Fermer

Managing Partner
Concept Art

Born at the Elbe.
Learned on Leine.
Perfected at the Alster.
Sweated at the Spree.
Led at the Neckar.
Founded at the Main.
Always in the flow.

Keen to dive deeper?


Art Director

In her former life, Marta worked as a marketing and PR specialist before deciding that she always had been a designer. Lucky us! Marta is a natural born creative with a great eye for design and photography. She reflects, she creates, she delivers. Always on point, with a ton of optimism, style and courage. And by the way, she’s a fantastic cook.

So, go ahead and challenge her:

Moritz Klös


Moritz is a motion-designer driven by a love of small details. He transforms static images into captivating visual symphonies. His world is one where pixels pirouette and vectors vogue. His passion lies not just in animating, but also in venturing into the unexplored.

Eager to join the dance of pixels and vectors?

Samia Rojas

Art Director

Born in 1997, with my Sun in Editorial, Moon in Photography, and an ascendant in Art Direction, I am here to make your ideas fly. Channeling my deep love for design, I breathe life into every project, transforming concepts into mesmerizing visual stories.

Ready to see your ideas come alive?

Serge Halabi


The dude who deals with the conceptual, scientific and technological issues.