A global product launch

Global Campaign

Vileda Professional has launched a new family of recycled mops for all cleaning tasks and all cleaning systems. Designed to maximise the value of any cleaning business. Or as we thought: Why mop when you can max?

The new MAX Mops

Max easiness, max performance, max recycled.

All these mops (and most of the competition) look quite similar: white with a few touches of grey and black.
That is why we need a spokesperson, a face of the campaign, to create and leave a touch of joy and colour.

Teaser Film

Please meet Max, the master of all cleaning ceremonies. He’s an experienced cleaner who knows all the tricks of the trade to maximise success. 

Elbe am Rhein has created several films, ads, sales presentations, brochures and social media assets.

Mop Films

Every mop has its own advantages. Of course, they need to be explained but not without providing some entertainment.