Every great property deserves a great campaign: Brochures, books, films, guerilla stunts, websites … In 2019 we started our partnership of trust and mutual respect by bringing up one simple question: “How can the global market leader communicate as such?” That is why we put excellence in every detail: writing, design, film. The result: The invention of “Really?!” in real estate.

From Real
Estate to

Elbe am Rhein has created over 50 films for CBRE that transform the descriptive into the entertaining. Always at its core: an idea. Brought to life by film shooting, motion design, 3D animation, editing, compositing, great music, and voice over artists.

From Film to Thrill.

From Memo­randum to Memorable.

Thousands of pages, one mission: to make the complex catchy,
entertaining, and unforgettable.

Elbe am Rhein impresses with creativity, professionalism and loyalty. The marketing approaches are varied, modern and exciting. The personal interaction is great! We enjoy working with Elbe am Rhein in the field of real estate marketing and appreciate the high level of collegiality and the excellent working atmosphere!

Marco Schnell
Senior Director CBRE


A logistics property directly located at the Halle / Leipzig airport. Its tenant: A leading brand in luxury fashion e-commerce. Our proposition: An asset as vibrant and trendsetting as fashion itself – always on, always open for success.

Dickes B

Directly located at Berlin’s famous Mediaspree, these two buildings are bursting with energy, optimism and the opportunity to realize upside potential – and thus drive investors forward.

Elbe am Rhein offers extremely professional and creative collaboration with a lot of heart and dedication for the respective projects. We enjoy working on series projects together.

Dominik Hohenleitner
Senior Director CBRE


When you get the chance to market the biggest German logistics portfolio ever, you put on a show on the big screen. We rented and branded an entire cinema, created our own Blockbuster as an intro-film and let black-clad chauffeurs pick up the stunned customers. In a nutshell: From PowerPoint to popcorn.


This impressive building – a former Grand Hotel – has a soul, it exudes a sovereignty, quality and serenity that the younger and ambitious skyscrapers in the neighborhood lack. It is a grandeur of architecture – it’s majesty of success..


A state-of-the-art logistics property in direct vicinity to the new Tesla fabric in Brandenburg – an excellent location that creates momentum for new investments and entrepreneurial ideas. A centre of growth, a magnet of success.


Every building, every space has an effect on people, it influences behaviour. This one is so special and valuable that it radiates a unique aura.

The Plus

It is never the one factor; it is the combination of many that creates the outstanding – exactly as this Kühne & Nagel logistics property, The Plus.


A residential portfolio built to refuel its inhabitants, an island of openness and brightness, in a nutshell: Viva.

 Golden Eleven

A logistics portfolio with 11 state-of-the-art properties in Germany. One of the most valuable investment opportunities in 2021, in other words: a gold mine.

The Rocks

An ensemble of highly modern office complexes, outstanding, clearly delignated, built with time defying excellence – here are The Rocks.

Go West

A state-of-the-art logistics complex in the western part of Germany. So valuable and promising that it can be seen as a hall of unlimited possibilities, the American dream par excellence: Go West.

Next Horizon

A newly developed light industrial complex close to Munich and its international airport – the dawn of a new era of working: Open, value driven, transparent – Next Horizon.

Big Block

The most valuable site in the German real estate logistics market in 2022. The former location of Ford in Cologne. A site like a V8: Big, strong, capable of anything.

Top 3 marketing agency in the German commercial real estate market.
Above-average innovation strength with long-term campaign impact.
State-of-the-art advertising tools and high performance even in peak times.
Absolute team approach and focus on sustainable business relationships.

Jan Schönherr
Managing Director CBRE

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